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Internet facilities with wifi FK Undip and Dr. RSUP. Kariadi which can be used by all PPDS1 Participants of Anatomical Pathology Study Program.


The lecture hall is equipped with the necessary equipment for lectures, namely:

  • LCD projectors,,

  • Computer,

  • Air Conditioning,

  • Chairs and tables for students and lecturers,

  • Whiteboards,

  • OHP,

  • Teaching microscope, equipped with a 42-inch screen TV and a NIKON camera.

Lecturer Room

Lecturer room where lecturers carry out teaching and learning assignments and where PPDS1 Anatomical Pathology students consult in education, study diagnosis or consult Anatomical Pathology cases.


Contains textbooks, modules, theses, dissertations, collections of final works, and medical journals, e-books, interactive videos. It is used by PPDS1 Anatomical Pathology students, lecturers, PPDS1 students from other study programs, undergraduate students of Undip Medical Faculty.

The laboratory located at Dr. RSUP. Kariadi

Laboratory facilities are used by PPDS1 Pathology Anatomy students to study every day, located inside the hospital, with complete laboratory equipment.

Computer facilities

The computer facility is used by PPDS1 Anatomical Pathology students to do the tasks given by the lecturer.

Facilities and infrastructure are available, owned and owned by Dr. RSUP. Kariadi, very complete and very adequate financial support.