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Tempo Doeloe


The beginning of the Anatomical Pathology Section of the Faculty of Medicine UNDIP

Occupying a room next to the Mortuary, and Anatomical Pathology Laboratory occupies a new room at the Cancer Institute Ibu Kartini which was inaugurated by Ibu Hartini Soekarno.

Because there is no teaching assignment for Prof. dr. Tirtosugondo, SpPA(K), also serves as Head of the Histology Division and teaches second-level students. Assisted by several staff: dr. Kho Yauw Bie (dr. Yahya Kasturian), dr. Liem Siong Tjwan (dr. Budiono) and dr. Sunarsono. Administrative matters were handled by Mrs. Ngatiwiyati, Mrs. Hasan Soelaiman, and JB Soekadi. The technicians, namely Tarmin and Senen, were assisted by Loso who was in charge of preparing student practicums. dr. Sunarsono came out, dr. Yahya Kasturian moved to the IKA Section and dr. Lilik Gunawan became a staff member.

With the increasing number of students, student assistants were appointed to guide student practicums, namely Sarjadi, Soeharsono, Lukas Mariatnanta, Soelamto, Husein Nagib, Tamsu, Sofwan Dahlan, Rofiq Anwar, Noor Yazid, Kasno, Indra Wijaya, FX Hartono, Prajoga and Tjahjono.



The staff increased, namely dr. Soebowo from Yogyakarta and several student assistants who have graduated from doctors. Will still be dr. FX Hartono (now a Radiology specialist at Dr. Kariadi Hospital) and dr. Prajogo (now a Surgeon at Syaiful Anwar Hospital in Malang) on duty to Kalimantan, dr. Sofwan Dahlan moved to the Department of Justice Medicine, dr. Lukas Mariatmanta moved to Purwokerto while dr. Budiono died.

Some staff received PA specialist brevet, while other staff continued their clinical specialization education, namely dr. Soeharsono (Obstetrics and Gynecology), dr. Husein Nagib (Surgery), dr. Tamsu (IKA), while dr. Soelamto was assigned the task of handling Real Work Lecture students at Undip.

The Anatomical Pathology Division also carries out finishing education for staff from other medical faculties, namely from Andalas University Padang (dr. Ali Umar Hamzah, dr. Rusdi Abbas, dr. Muhammad Din and dr. Salmiah Agus) and Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta ( dr. Ambar Mudigdo and dr. Nadiah Muhamad). One of the graduates who specialize in Anatomical Pathology, namely dr. FX. Eddy Gunawan is currently serving at the Gatot Subroto Army Hospital in Jakarta.

To improve skills and gain knowledge, several staff were sent abroad including:

  • Soebowo went to Australia in 1974 to study Cytology.

  • Sarjadi went to Australia (1974) to study Obstetrical Pathology, 1979 to study Tumor Markers (RIA), 1983 to the USA to study Integrated Teaching, in 1992 to Liverpool and Lyon to study Cancer Registration.

  • Rofiq Anwar went to the Netherlands in 1979 to study Central Nervous System Pathology and Immunohistochemistry.

  • Indra Wijaya went to Hong Kong in 1980 to study Dermatopathology and Pathology of Tropical Diseases.

  • Tjahjono in 1985 to Australia and in 1988 to the USA to study Cytology.

  • Noor Yazid AD went to Japan in 1989 to study lymph node pathology and immunohistochemistry.


This period was marked by the success of four staff in obtaining doctoral degrees and the inauguration of four professors. Those who received the Doctorate degree were:

  • dr. Lilik Gunawan (Diponegoro University, 1982), dissertation title: “Soft Tissue Malignant Tumors, Histological Diagnosis Difficulties and Efforts to Overcome Them”. (Promoter : Prof. dr. Rachmat Santoso (Unair) and Co-promoter : Prof. dr. Tirtosugondo and Prof. dr. Sapardi Brodjohoedojo, MPH).

  • dr. Rofiq Anwar (Diponegoro University, 1984), dissertation title: Base Phosphatase Activity in Meningiomas, An Enzymhistochemical Study”. (Promoters: Prof. dr. Tirtosugondo, Prof. dr. A. Schaberg and Prof. dr. G. Th. A. M. Bots from Leyden Universiteit).

  • dr. Sarjadi (Diponegoro University, 1985), dissertation title: “Uterine Cervical Epidermoid Carcinoma, Research on Several Epidemiological Aspects and the Role of Histopathology and Tumor Signs in Determining Prognosis”. (Promoter: Prof. dr. Tirtosugondo and Co-promoter: Prof. dr. Sapardi Brodjohoedojo, MPH).

  • dr. Tjahjono (Universitas Airlangga, 1995), dissertation title: “A morphometric approach and morphofunction of thyroid gland follicular epithelial cells. Efforts to improve the accuracy of the cytological diagnosis of fine needle aspiration of thyroid nodules. (Promoter: Prof. dr. Rachmat Santoso, Co-promoter: Prof. Dr. dr. Sri Djokomoeljanto and Prof. Dr. dr.Sarjadi)

Inaugurated by four professors of Anatomical Pathology, namely Prof. dr. Tirtosugondo (1982), Prof. dr. Soebowo (1991), Prof. Dr. dr. Sarjadi (1992) and Prof. Dr. dr. Tjahjono (1998). The number of staff who have obtained PA specialists has increased, namely dr. Sumaryanto, dr. RMHJ Sutoto, dr, Bambang Endro Putranto and dr. Siti Amarwati Yulianto, all of whom have obtained a specialization in Anatomical Pathology.

Three staff took the master’s program, namely dr. Udadi Sadhana, M.Kes (obtained a master’s degree at PPs Unair), dr. Ika Pawitra Miranti, M.Kes (completed Master of Biomedical Science program at PPs Undip) and dr. Awal Prasetyo (is completing a master’s program at PPs Undip).

Doctor Indra Wijaya, SpPA is completing his dissertation on the Undip PPS Medical Science Doctoral Program.

In the international scope, Prof. Dr. dr. Tjahjono passed the Cytopathology Examination held by the International Board of the International Academy of Cytology in Melbourne Australia in 1992 (FIAC). Since 2000 Prof. Dr. dr. Tjahjono is trusted as President of the International Academy of Pathology, Indonesian Division.

Although during this period there were 3 additional teaching staff (dr. Udadi Sadhana, M.Kes, dr. Ika Pawitra Miranti, M.Kes, and dr. Awal Prasetyo) but dr. RMHJ Sutoto, SpPA entering retirement, dr. Sulamto, SpPA and dr. Sumaryanto, SpPA passed away).

Several senior staff are needed for their service at Kopertis (Prof. Dr. dr. Sarjadi as Coordinator of Kopertis), at Sultan Agung Islamic University (Dr. dr. M. Rofiq Anwar as Chancellor of Unissula), at Diponegoro University (Prof. dr. Soebowo as Secretary Undip Senate and Head of the Master Program in Biomedical Sciences) and at the Faculty of Medicine (Prof. Dr. dr. Tjahjono as PD IV).


2000- present

Since its inception, the Anatomical Pathology Section has changed its Head of Section 7 times, namely:

  • Prof. dr. Tirtosugondo, SpPA(K) (1963 – 1988)

  • Prof. dr. Soebowo, SpPA(K) (1988 – 1991)

  • Prof. Dr. dr. Sarjadi, SpPA(K) (1991 – 1994)

  • Prof. Dr. dr. Tjahjono, SpPA(K) (1994 – 1998)

  • dr. Kasno, SpPA(K) (1998 – 2001)

  • dr. Bambang Endro Putranto, SpPA(K) (2004 – 2008, 2008 – 2012, 2012-2014)

  • dr. Siti Amarwati, SpPA(K) (2014- 2016)

  • dr. Ika Pawitra Miranti, M.Kes, SpPA(K) (2016 -2020)

  • dr. Hermawan Istiadi, MSi.Med, SpPA(K) (2020 -sekarang)

At this time, there are 3 lecturers who play a role in the activities of the National Anatomical Pathology Collegium and as assessors for BAN-PT and LAMPT Kes, namely Prof. Dr. dr. Sarjadi, SpPA(K), Prof. Dr. dr. Tjahjono, SpPA(K), Dr.dr.Indra Wijaya, SpPA(K) and dr.Siti Amarwati, SpPA(K).

In 2006, the Anatomical Pathology Section together with IAPI Semarang Branch was assigned the task of organizing the XV National Congress of the Association of Indonesian Pathology Specialist Doctors (IAPI).

In 2007, dr. Udadi Sadhana, M.Kes and dr. Ika Pawitra Miranti, MKes graduated as a Specialist in Anatomical Pathology,.

In 2009 dr. Awal Prasetyo, M.Kes graduated as an ENT-KL specialist, this year also the PA Division accepted dr. Dik Puspasari, Sp.PA from Pontianak.

Starting from this period around 2008, the Anatomical Pathology lecturer staff joined the study group in the Undip Medical Faculty / Dr. RSUP. Kariadi such as the liver transplant team, the ambiguous genitalis team and the kidney team, by producing translational research publications.
In 2010, the PA Section received an additional 1 new staff, namely dr. Vega Karlowee, SpPA and in 2013-2018 continued his Doctoral Program in Neurosurgery at Hiroshima University.

In 2011, dr. Indra Wijaya, SpPA(K) graduated as a Doctor from the Doctoral Program in Medical Sciences, the Postgraduate Program at Diponegoro University, Semarang, and the PA Division received 2 additional staff, namely dr. Andika Eka Herlina however resigned in 2014 and dr. Hermawan Istiadi, MSi.Med who took the Anatomical Pathology Specialist Study Program in 2015.

In 2014, dr. Awal Prasetyo, M.Kes, SpTHT-KL earned a Doctorate degree from the Doctoral Program in Biomedical Sciences at Gajahmada University, Yogyakarta, dissertation title: “Risk Factors, Eber, IgA [EBNA1+VCA p-18], LMP1 and CD99 as a New Combination of Carcinoma Etiology Diagnosis nasopharynx”

In 2016, dr. Udadi Sadhana, M.Kes, SpPA earned a Doctorate degree from the Doctoral Program in Medical Sciences, Diponegoro University, Semarang, dissertation title: “The Effect of Divine Filter Clove Cigarette Smoke on Alveolar Diameter and Expression of Ki-67, Bcl-2, Tunel Enzyme in Sprague-Dawley Rat”.

In 2016, 2 staff of the Anatomical Pathology Division held positions at FK Undip as Deputy Dean for Resources, namely Dr. dr. Udadi Sadhana, M.Kes, SpPA and the Vice Dean for Communication and Business, namely Dr. dr. Awal Prasetyo, M.Kes, SpTHT-KL.

Active Lecturer in the Anatomical Pathology Section : Dr. dr. Udadi Sadhana, M.Kes, SpPA, Dr. dr. Awal Prasetyo, M.Kes, SpTHT-KL, dr. Ika Pawitra Miranti, M.Kes, SpPA, dr. Hermawan Istiadi, MSi.Med, and dr.Vega Karlowe, MSiMed, SpPA.

Retired Lecturer in the Anatomical Pathology Section : Prof. dr. Soebowo, SpPA(K), dr. Kasno, SpPA(K), dr. Noor Yazid, SpPA(K), Dr. dr. Indra WIjaya, SpPA(K), dr. Bambang Endro Putranto, SpPA(K) and dr. Siti Amarwati, SpPA(K)

To facilitate coordination with UNDIP Medical Faculty who moved to the Tembalang Campus, since 2013, the Anatomical Pathology Division has been occupied in Building C, 3rd Floor UNDIP Medical Faculty Jl. Prof. H. Soedarto, SH Tembalang Semarang, but still occupies the building in the RSUP Dr. Complex. Kariadi for PPDS1 PA education.

To increase the accreditation of PPDS1 Anatomical Pathology, there are already 3 permanent lecturers in the Undip Medical Faculty who hold doctoral degrees, 2 of them are consultants and 2 consultants, plus 4 consultants from Dr. RSUP. Kariadi.


With 5 active lecturers from FK UNDIP and 4 active lecturers from Dr. RSUP. Kariadi, whose activities are spread across various workplaces, is expected to maintain a good working atmosphere and can improve the quality and quantity of education, research and service that is able to compete at the National and International levels.