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The types of scholarships available at PPDS include:

Ministry of Health



  • The Circular contains provisions for the acceptance of the Specialist Doctor/Dentistry Specialist Education Assistance Program which is circulated to 33 Provinces in Indonesia and to the Main Unit of the Ministry of Health.

  • Based on a circular from the Ministry of Health, the Provincial Health Office forwards the notification to the District/City Health Office and Provincial/District/City Hospitals in its territory. The District/City Health Office and the Provincial/Regency/City Hospital shall then submit the nomination of prospective participants based on current needs to the Provincial Health Office by completing the requirements listed in this Circular Letter.

  • Furthermore, the Provincial Health Office conducts initial verification of prospective participants who are declared entitled to be proposed as potential participants of the program to the Implementation Team and Manager of the PDS/PDGS Assistance Program of the Ministry of Health.

  • The initial verification carried out by the Provincial Health Office consists of the following document requirements: http://ppds.bppsdmk.kemkes.go.id/index.php/public/membership/tata-cara/4



LPDP 2022 Scholarship Policy

LPDP is committed to preparing future leaders and professionals and encouraging innovation for the realization of a prosperous, democratic and just Indonesia. LPDP organizes a master’s/doctoral scholarship program for the best Indonesian children and supports other scholarship programs from related Ministries/Institutions.

Scholarship Registration 2022

  • Register online on the LPDP Scholarship Registration site: https://beasiswalpdp.kemenkeu.go.id/

  • Complete and upload all required documents on the registration application

  • Make sure to submit the registration application to get the registration/registration code.

  • Ensure that supporting documents such as Letters of Recommendation, Certificates or the like are made/issued in 2022 (detailed information related to documents can be found in the booklet or guidebook for each program)

Registration and Selection Schedule

The selection process will be carried out in accordance with government policies related to the Covid-19 pandemic. The selection process can be done online or offline, or a combination of online and offline (hybrid) according to the government policy. This is done as an anticipatory step if later the selection will be carried out offline or hybrid.